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Qpeach brand story

來自日本的Qpeach專業內衣設計團隊不只注重款式設計,更強調【爆乳性】的效果,所以Qpeach的商品擁有許多專利獨家特色,每一個細小環節都量身訂做,讓機能UP!美觀IN!實用NO.1! 日本人氣NO.1時尚爆乳內衣,從1994年創立以來,一直是日本時尚女性喜愛的經典品牌,擁有


NO.1 explosive push up function bra in Japan underwear fashion, from inception in 1994, has been a favorite of the classic Japanese fashion brand of women, with 17 years design experience Qpeach, has always been committed to develop the most suitable for Asian women breast shape and explosive fusion of fashion, even in recent years in Japan as a starting point to show to the world wide sales locations around the tracks in Japan are not defined in the authoritative position underwear, even in the world currently has 210 sales counter, Qpeach the pursuit of popular success and a lot of young women and fashion OL heart.
Underwear from Japan Qpeach professional design team not only focus on style design, more emphasis effect of function explosive, so Qpeach patented goods has many exclusive features, every detail is tailored to function UP! Beautiful IN! Fashion NO.1!